Friday, July 6, 2012


Sue recovered quickly from her gangbanging on the bus. I reminded her that Shane was bringing the game MVP, Simon, around tonight. I also reminded her that she'd promised Simon something special. Sue told me she was sure Simon wouldn't be disappointed. Sue relaxed during the day while she waited for Shane and Simon to arrive. My wife asked me if I was OK with what happened after the game and on the bus trip home. I assured her that I was but told her that now the whole team, and probably their friends, would be fucking her regularly. Sue said that if I didn't have a problem with it she was happy to become the team slut. My beautiful wife said she was becoming tired of the same four guys,apart from me, fucking her. She said she wanted more variety and knew that eighteen year olds had no inhibitions. My wife said that she'd already told the other instructors at her gym they could fuck her.

Sue said she also intended to let Al, the bus driver, and his colleagues fuck her before the next big game. I asked her what she had in mind for the MVP and she told me to wait and find out. Sue showered, shaved her snatch and applied a liberal amount of makeup. She looked, as was her intention, like a cheap whore. Sue put on a tiny silk negligee and waited for Shane and Simon to arrive.

Even though the heavy makeup made her look like a slut she was still quite beautiful.

The guys arrived at 8pm, just after dark. Shane greeted my wife with a long sloppy kiss as he fondled her hairless cunt. Simon looked nervous but kissed my wife and said Hi to me. Sue told Shane he could stay and keep me company while she went out with Simon. Her plan was to go out for two hours with Simon and he could do whatever he wanted with her. She said he could give her to friends to use, sell her, exhibit her or take her to a motel and just fuck her himself. Shane, she said as manager, could pay for the motel if needed.

Simon said he didn't need a motel and intended to share her with friends and let dozens of people see her naked. I knew better then to argue with Sue's decision. Sue threw me the negligee and left with Simon totally nude. I'd often taken Sue out flashing. She loved letting strangers see her tits and snatch but we always had something to cover her if needed. For her to be out totally naked in a car with an oversexed 18 year old was a worry. Shane of course offered no objection, it was my wife!

While we waited for Sue to return, Shane and I exchanged stories about fucking my wife. I still find it exciting to here how my wife performs when I'm not there. Shane said that he had no doubt that Sue was the biggest slut he'd ever known. Apart from the escapade on the bus he said she'd told him about the gym instructor and other neighbors fucking her. Shane said when he took my wife to dinner, which was quite often, he made her flash her tits and cunt to waiters and valets. I told him he didn't have to MAKE her do it, she loved to do it. I told him Sue only wore knickers if I asked her to do so. Shane had brought some photos of Sue posing nude on the hood of his car. In the background, because of the flash, I could see other cars not twenty feet away. Shane said my wife got off on the fact other people could see her. He also had photos of my wife sliding up and down on his car's stickshift. Absolutely amazing.

I showed my XXX albums of Sue to Shane. They were mostly flashing photos and Sue with large dildos. Quite tame really. Shane said he intended to get lots of photos of Sue fucking the whole team after the next game. He said he had lined up a friend who is a professional videographer to tape the fun. Of course Sue would have to fuck his friend as payment. I said of course. Shane asked if Sue was into bondage or B&D. I said no but I'm sure she'd give it a try if asked. He said he would ask. Shane also said all the other players would have to fuck Sue from now on or they would talk. I told him Sue and I had already discussed that and Sue was fine with it.

I enjoyed discussing my slut wife with one of her lovers but I could,'t wait for Sue to get back and share her night out with us. I wouldn't be surprised if she came back in a police car! Of course the cops would have fucked her too. Shane and I were discussing what Simon would get up to with my wife and his lover. We laughed about her being made to fuck his friends.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Hi my name is handy Mandy and i  work as a check out chic at the local supermarket, well this young man at work thinks hes hot but he really is not , we all call him Casanova. So the other day i screwed him